Tuesday, 20 March 2012

x kenal maka xtaw....so,,, kalu nak taw kne la kenal...taadaaaa....


            Salam,,,,, heloooo..... im zetty ashikin... then, can call me zetty,,,not too much to say la....huhuhu....want to know about me,nothing special ponn..right now im studying at uitm merbok kedah really far from my home at BANGI,,,but is it oke.. im really like to travel...hihih.. travel ke...?? g menimba ilmu,, =D,, it is really fun.. im study in Bachelor Islamic Banking, second year student.. hah?? ape.... umoo???? still young oke... this year, 21 years old.. but still xmasok 21 ag... t 10 NOVEMBER baru la genap 21....huhuhu,,,, xlayak lagi la nak mengundi....ihihihiih...=P

      A little bit about my family.. i have a hepi family.. with a older brother, older sister n my young brother ,, this year my younger brother will set for SPM..hope, he will be oke.. satu detik y menyedihkan , baru je brlaku in my life.. include this month da nk masok 3bln ayah meninggal.... hurm..im really3 sad, and u never know,,  that im cannot see him for the last time.. sangat3 terguris, terluka, terkilan sampai rase macam dh xtrkate.... mase ayah critical, im still at SUNGAI PETANIl
.. In one day,everything brlalu dengan pantas....i want tell more about this, but i'll continue when im already perpared..AYAH,, u always in my heart,,u inspire me...oke la, xmo cite lebih2.. sedih hati nie.. tros jadik emosional..ape pon, i'll ive happily with my family right now.. everything happen for reasons.. I LOVE MY MOM SOOOO MUCCHH!!!! plez la, appreciate our parents selagi mereka masih ade..

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